For the Commodore 64/128/128D and Vic20.

5/22/11 Update:NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

ProtoCart (v1.0) is an experimenting board for people who want to develop hardware on their own for their Commodore computers. This board was created as there was a need for something like 8 bit baby(no longer in production). These boards have the following features below. Note: The board will need to have 2 rows stripped at bottom by C64 expansion (Click here to view) if you would like me to do it please post it in the comments during purchase. Otherwise the unit will still work in Cart expander The way it is originally.



Click here to zoom in.

Features Include:
C64 Expansion Port.
Vic20 Expansion Port.
C64/Vic20 User Port.
Section for 80 Pin CPLD
DB25 pinout

Click Here to see a close-up of the PCB to see the bussed styled layout.

Click Here to view notes about the ProtoCart. 

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Thanks go out to Vanessa for creating this board for the C= Community.